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Default Re: ACC/Big Ten Challenge

Originally Posted by Dolphin
As a die hard MSU, I knew there was no chance they win at Duke. What have we seen of the Spartans in recent history to suggest they win these early season games away from home against a top 5 team?

If this is March and these two teams play, seeing how the players have performed the past couple seasons in the tourny, I honestly give MSU a 50/5o chance. I seriously wouldn't make them an underdog assuming they go into the tourny the same way they have the last two seasons.

Come March they will be better than the last two seasons and while Duke is really good.....I think they look that way because there aren't any GREAT teams this year or last (obviously since Duke might be the worst title team in history lol).

Playing Duke in the tourny would scare me no more than MSU going up against Louisville or UConn two seasons ago.

Gonna keep saying it: OSU is a great team. OSU has good guard play, good D, and good rebounding. Every area you need to be a great team, OSU has perfectly. Duke is talented, but they have some soft bigs and they aren't an outstanding defensive team.

In terms of talent, at the end of the season, I think MSU is better than Duke, too. Mizzou and Pitt are also great teams.

And there are a ton of teams out there like UNC and Kansas that have amazing squads but just aren't playing up to their full potential.

Last year might have been a down year especially since a lot of the powers got knocked out early, but this year it's going to be a battle.

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