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JVG has his good and bad points:

I am a Knicks fan, so I know him real well. I believe JVG is a great coach, if and only if, he has HIS type of players..which is a defensive minded, slow tempo game. He knows how to coach those teams very well.

Plus, he's a tremendously hard worker, he knows his x's and o's of the game real well, very good at managing late game situations, and he is extremely loyal to his players, coaches, etc.

On the other hand, he lacks "creativity" when he has players that don't mesh with his system. I just don't think he really knows how to use Tmac and Yao to maximize their abilities. I mean, with those two guys alone, shouldn't they complete at the highest levels for a championship? Wouldn't Riley and/or Phil Jackson figure out a way for them to get to the championship level?

JVG, good coach for some times, not for others....(how's that for on the fence)...
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