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Default Re: Most 'soulful' rock bands?

I have to say, RHCP does have a few INCREDIBLY soulful songs....Californication, Under The Bridge, Otherside, Don't Forget Me, Venice Queen, come to mind first.

In terms of R&B, no, it doesn't lend obvious influences, & the band is more of a punk/funk act that evolved into their own rock. But in terms of the gravity of each word/note has when it hit's you, yes, they have serious soul.

I'm listening to The White Stripes' "I Fought Pirahnas" and would tentatively nominate them.

Maybe Led Zeppelin ala "Stairway To Heaven". This is starting to get more subjective as the idea of "soul" isn't going to mean the same thing to one person as to another...

The Faces/Rod Stewart...particularly the latter had some soul in them. "Ooh La La" is a great nomination for both, but Stewart's covers of stuff like "People Get Ready" shows his roots.

Rolling Stones should have a nod either way. They were founded on the common interest of Blues/R&B. "You Can't Always Get What You Want" or "Wild Horses"

If this isn't the direction you wanted to go lemme know and I'll adjust my ongoing list.

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