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Default Cavs not shopping Jamison or Mo Williams (yet?)

The Cavs haven't started shopping Jamison or Mo Williams yet, nor has Jamison asked to be traded. But he came to Cleveland in February to win a championship. The first 20 games this season have proved how far away the Cavs are from that and the 34-year-old Jamison is running out of time. Jamison denied trying to play well to increase his trade value. ''That never has been my mind frame,'' he said. Akron Beacon Journal

But Jamison stopped far short of saying he is happy in Cleveland, and it would be hard to fault him if he wanted to go somewhere that is closer to a championship. ''It's been tough and it's been frustrating. I just want to know. . . . '' Jamison said, cutting himself off without finishing the thought. ''I'll go out there and play hard and let the chips fall where they may.'' Akron Beacon Journal

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