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I am someone who thinks that abortion is a necessary choice at times. An easy one? Certainly not. I don't think that she should bring a child into the world that neither of us are ready to care for. She is neither financially stable, or emotionally stable. I will be financially stable when I get a real job, but no matter who ends up taking care of the kid, it will always be a reminder of my ugly past with this girl. (that statement alone probably makes me too immature to be raising a kid at this point, I dunno) Of course, I would do anything for any children I have, but I want this woman out of my life and vice versa.

As far as her being pregnant, still no word. Haven't heard from the ***** in about 2 days. I'm not going to totally blame her. I was the one who went against the advice that my parents had given me all these years and had unprotected sex. If I'm man enough to have sex, then I'm man enough to face any consequences.
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