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Default Re: Pray for me fellow Lakers fans.

Originally Posted by Droth24
Hey everyone just thought id give an update as to how i am doing so far this round. and i am doing better this round than ever before. i usually would take a week off of physical activity after chemo but i returned to bball yesterday, only 4 days after chemo. i feel pretty good, ive lost about five pounds but thats normal. ive actually gained weight since ive started treatment, but i was pretty built before chemo now, not so much. but hey cant complain haha. i have started smoking pot though since ive been diagnosed (its the only thing that gets rid of side effects a little and doesnt give me terrible side effects). But yeah i feel relatively good. ill post again and let you all know how my tournament goes this weekend.

Awesome... Repped as soon as I can!!! Everyone Rep DRoth24!!!!

Glad to see you are making proper use of medical marijuana. My grandmother used it years ago for glaucoma and it did help her.

Keep updating us!!!!!!

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