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I didn't forget about them, I just don't think they're one of the 25 best teams right now. I think I had them in one of my polls at one point, so they're right on the cusp. But I'm far from sold on Pastner as an actual basketball coach- his recruiting chops are obvious- they don't have any real inside presence, and though the perimeter talent is obvious, it's very young and they don't have any real idea what they're doing right now.

Their game against Kansas tonight showed both sides of it: they hung tough with a legit top five team, but Kansas wasn't pulling away and gave Memphis every opportunity to get into it and they couldn't capitalize.

I was kind of confused by the near-consensus opinion that Memphis was a no-brainer Top 25 team coming into the year and I remain that way. If they had any sort of presence at power forward or center, or if Joe Jackson was a polished talent like Kyrie Irving and not a raw athlete learning how to play the game, I could see it.

Can they eventually live up to their ranking? Sure, but so far I don't see it.
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