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First of all, thanks for the reply.

Second, you are right, the jury's still out on Pastner as a coach on the sidelines. He's yet to beat a ranked team during his short tenure, and the team is yet to play together with any sort of cohesiveness. Same problem I always had with Calipari.

They are getting nothing from Coleman or Garcia, but the real problem to me is Witherspoon. The guy seems totally lost. He might be the most talented player in America, but if he's biding his time until he gets to the NBA, he might as well have left at the end of last year.

The young perimeter guys will figure it out, and so will Black. I think that losing last night was better for the team than winning would have been. At least from the comments Black and Will Barton made after the game last night, they seem to have learned an awful lot. When Barton was asked what he needed to work on after last night, he said, "Everything, I need to work on everything. I learned that I'm not working hard enough in practice, and that I need to listen to my coach more." Black said, "We need to be tougher mentally and physically, and I need to stop letting my teammates down by commiting silly fouls and making bad decisions."

I think the Tigers are a top 25 team, but barely. I also think that they have top 10 talent, but Pastner's got to get them to play like it. Again, I think last night went a long way towards giving this young team an idea of what a top 10 team plays like, and I certainly hope they learned from last night's defeat.
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