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Originally Posted by eauclaire447
its actually not all that abnormal for a woman to miss her period.... some that starve themselves (for diet reasons) wont always have it.... poor nutrition. there are also alot of athletes that dont have them either.cant explain that one. you should must def NOT get an abortion. even if it is "just a collection of cells" its still the start of a life.....happens for a reason.
whatever, its not your choice its theirs. Children die every day, sad fact of life. Many due to inadequate nutrition (diareha is a huge killer of kids less than 5). So keep your BS morals to yourself. Why dont you go help some children who are already born?

Also, there are frequently women (raw foodists or extreme athletes for example) who do not have a period because their body recognizes that it cannot handle the huge energetic burden that is pregnancy. However, if this chick usually menstrates, you might have a problem. Could be stress, could be an irregular cycle (she would know if she had one), but the bookies would take preggers.
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