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Default Re: What the @#&$ is wrong with the Clippers.

Clipper fans, I need to turn the corner. I am a Lakers fan, but being in LA I got to watch a lot of the Clippers. When I was just a kid, still wet behind the ears, the first bball game I went to was Clippers vs Vancouver Grizzlies. I went to get a Maurice Talyor autograph on my Michigan bball card ,and to ask Keith Closs if he was really 7'3", or as my buddy was saying 7'5" lol, he was shooting 3's like 30 mins before the game but the security didn't let me go down there, and it was downhill from there.

I used to like the Clippers, ya know, like... want them to succeed. But as I've grown, I have seen how it is/was with that team, and I have lost my way. I truly think LA is good for the Clippers and vice versa, and I love the young guys, especially the two building blocks, those guys are amazing. I do b&m about them, buts thats probably just to argue, I really feel they are better than advertised.

Keep your head up, hopefully the league will smarten up and take over the Clippers. Sterling is too smart for that, but they have a strong young nucleus, and nice veterans. They didn't sign bad contracts this past offseason, we like to say because no one wanted to go to the Clips, but the only reason to spend major $ this past offseason was to reel in a big fish, and we saw how that went.
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