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Default Re: How Good Are Isiah's Draft Picks?

Originally Posted by LouV
Hold on. Maybe I'm watching some other team.

David Lee plays 35 minutes a night. Doesn't matter if he starts or comes in off the bench. He plays 35 minutes a night. ISIAH THOMAS IS NOT RETARDING HIS GROWTH.

Renaldo Balkman is playing exactly how many minutes he should be playing. About 18 minutes a night. He's a rookie. He makes mistakes. He plays well but he makes mistakes. He doesn't deserve more than 18 minutes a night yet.

Channing Frye also is getting about 18 minutes a night. He doesn't play defense, and his offense is inconsistent. He deserves about 18 minutes a night.

Larry Brown retarded growth last year. Isiah is doing exactly what he should do as a coach.

LouV = Isiah Thomas.

Either that or you're a GM or Coach of another team in this league, hoping the Knicks keep Isiah.

Honestly, we won't know the extent of Isiah's havoc until this year's draft, when the Bulls use our pick to get a high level draft pick.

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