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Default Re: Cop turns off camera and commences 2 whooping womans ass *Video*

Originally Posted by iamgine
See what people don't understand is that cops are you and me who put on a uniform to uphold the law. How many of us never snapped before? Come on. We're normal people. We're not sociopaths. Yet, sometimes we snapped, mess up, make very stupid decisions. And we're not even subjected to high pressure situation the cops are subjected to all day everyday. We're not even risking our lives.

How about someone make a movie out of your life and only put on the parts when you snapped and mess up? That's what we see with the cops. What if he had saved hundreds of people's lives before? Would that change anything?

Ive all my snapping, wanted to pound on a woman's face while she is handcuffed. Thats pretty heinous stuff right there.

Thing is, with these fellas, is...yeah they're human, but this man CLEARLY needs psychological help, OR at LEAST an exam. These officers are rarely checked up on, and just thrown right back into the street with little to no disciplinary (sp?) action. Dude could be walking the streets literally ON EDGE.

Havent you ever run into an officer that seemed a bit tightly wound up?
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