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Default Re: Cop turns off camera and commences 2 whooping womans ass *Video*

Originally Posted by kentatm
I am with the cop on this one right up until he turns the camera off.

Why the F-CK would he do that UNLESS he was about to beat her ass down?

It's not like she was being violent or threatening in the video we can see. She is just being an uncooperative fool. Its just that as soon as the cop turns off the video.... I just don't think I can trust his side for anything once he did that. There is literally ZERO reason to do that. You have to actively decide to turn that video off. Its not like he bumped the button or kicked out a cord on accident. The fact that the next thing we see is her in a pool of blood with broken teeth just cements it to me that the camera went off b/c the dude lost his temper and decided to kick her ass.

pretty much how i feel.

she needed him to turn the camera off...and he did.

dumb move. especially b/c she ended up injured.
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