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Default Re: OT- Remember My Relationship Problems From November.. Updated Status... Ohhh My

yeah man, I know its tough. I had a friend/roommate who went through pretty much the same **** when his girl left him (the cutting, the suicidal tendencies, anti-depressants). It was hard, on both of us, and he wallowed in it for a long time. But you've gotta realize that this girl clearly doesnt have the emotional maturity to handle the relationship you see you both having. It sounds like she was enjoying the company and you were falling in love. Youve gotta move on and the sooner you do the better off you'll be for it. Don't let anyone else dominate your feelings and emotions, cause in the end thats all you have. That is you to the core, and you cant let this women push you into feeling like a pile of ****. I hope you come out of it man.
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