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Originally Posted by fatboy11
Then why are you telling me that I'm "ridiculous" for comparing the two. You just said yourself that their games are similar.

You make no sense here. You're just getting mad and upset because I've compared to him to two players who had the exact same scouting reports before they were drafted.

Face it, they are similar. He's better than Skita. Not as good as Dirk. What's the problem? Oh, he plays a little bit inside? So does Dirk. What are you complaining about?

I had a problem with comparing him as a draft prospect to Dirk. Dirk before he joined the league and Bargnani now (before he has joined the league) are two totally different type of prospects. Yes, if everything goes right, Bargnani may end up being a similar player as Nowitzki, but before the draft they were in very different kind of situations and therefore different types of prospects.

"He is better than Skita. Not as good as Dirk"???? What does that mean? Yeah, one could also say he is better than Brian Cook but not as good as Kevin Garnett. Bargnani doesn't have really anything in common with Skita, or Darko for that matter.
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