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Default Re: OT- Remember My Relationship Problems From November.. Updated Status... Ohhh My

Focus on your life. You are only in high school. Take this time to focus on getting a good education and getting into a good college. Trust me, once you start doing well on your grades than you will be in a MUCH better mood. Also do you have any friends to talk to? Talk to them. Hang out with them. BTW dont cut your wrists, ok? That is really bad and seriously I dont understand how anybody could do that. Girl problems shouldnt be the end of your life. Think about it, you would rather try and end your life over a girl rather than ending your life by something natural when your in your late 70s knowing you have led a good life and knowing you have led your kids well.

And BTW JSub dont say this is the best country in the world because it really isnt.
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