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Default Re: I'm not sure "Globabl Warming" is the right term for what we're experiencing, but:

Originally Posted by TennesseeFan
weather has always been weird, its just that there is more technology to document it now.
as usual, this cat is the biggest fool on the site. As for the term "global warming", like all mediazations of actual science, its a misnomer. That is why there is a push to call it global climate change instead. Some places will get more rain, some less, etc. The point is that our burning of fossil fuels has fundamentally shifted both the atmospheric composition and the global carbon cycle. This will impact the "weather" in both predictable (usually on a global, long term scale - i.e. global warming refers to the general longitudinal trend of the entire earth) and unpredictable (local weather patterns, day to day and year to year patterns, etc) ways. People who deny the anthropogenic impact on the atmosphere are either straight morons (who usually dont know the first thing about the actual data, just dismiss it), deniers (usually because its tooooo scary to think about), or are profiting massively from our continued dependence on the burning of carbon sinks like oil and gas.
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