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Default Re: who miss the east coast/west coast rivalry?

There are very little hip hop artists/rappers who are singing about things other than a new made up dance, or bling, or bitche$, or money, or superficial stuff that like. I miss when rap made people think, and not just about what they are talking about, but what they are saying.

Kanye had it, but now is more filled with trying to be the biggest ass on the block. Mos Def got it, but with the dwindling rap #'s, he might as well go into acting.

Pac was at his best when he was talking about the struggle, then blew up across the board with the diss records. Pac made people think, and that is what today's music is missing. I don't wanna think about the latest drink thats coming out, or the latest fashion fad. I wanna think about how today's world is different from the world we lived in 50 years ago, but how the struggles are the same, like racism, poverty, bigotry, drug abuse, children being forgetten, that are all prevalent today.

I miss the quality of rap when the ec/wc was in its top form, but I don't miss the violence that it created. Big L was strong lyricist I wanted to see tackle today's weak rap, Biggie, Pac, all the great ones who missed their primes because of senseless violence. Hip Hop was negatively effected by beefs, but the records sold...
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