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Default Re: who miss the east coast/west coast rivalry?

Originally Posted by PowerGlove
I dont miss the violence, it did end up with multiple lives lost over nothing, but I do miss each region collaborating with each other and having a unique sound. You hear NY rappers talk about how they are flat out for what ever reason not working with each other as much as they used to and that's why NY fell off.

LA fell off the hardest though, if it wasnt for the Game/Cube and , I wouldnt even think of LA when it comes to hip hop. Where is the next generation?

can't be worried about that breh.

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but I feel you about the music man. Ever since big corporations took over, rap music has become bubblegum and manufactured. Whether it's lil wayne or souljia boy, you see the same hands up the puppets @ss.

Mobb deep, wu tang, eric b, rakim, kool g rap, pac, biggie, etc. 90s unparalleld.

how do the west coast cats feel about the hyphy movement that was strong a couple of years ago?
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