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Default Anime Draft?

Right off the bat, I am in no way volunteering to create and be commissioner for an anime draft. BUT I know there's been interest but it's so far been to hard a genre because of the overpoweredness of characters. It'd be stupid, and most matches would end with "And he blew up the galaxy" or something like that.

But I had a couple ideas and if anyone thinks they're viable and want to run with one that would be great.

The first idea is to do them all within one show. So just do DBZ draft. Obviously the drawback here is you need to do shows with a lot of established characters. But it would be similar to the comic draft where you build a team and then there's head to head match-ups. Since they're all in the same show they're all comparable. Obviously whoever has Goku would win those matches but maybe the rest of his team is weak. Like when someone had X-Man in the comic draft.

The second idea is a "street level" anime draft. The issue here is obviously compatibility. How do you vote for characters from two different shows. How is a judge gonna pick between say: Hei from Darker than Black, and Wolfwood from Trigun. I have no clue, again I'm just the ideas guy. The second issue is agreeing on who is "street level."

I just think there'd be a lot of interest for an anime draft of some sort but again it's so far proven tough to do.
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