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Originally Posted by 1manfastbreak
haha yes its such a more intense high, youre jsut high all over. i remember this one time, they gave brownies at clubs that are like 2x the dosage of weed and so on, and my friend got one that was 10x, and they recommended that you only eat it in small portions. so we gave our room mate who was from alabama and doesnt really ever smoke a little chuck about the size of a 50 cent piece, and he was lit lmao i just remember him laying on the couch talking about spiders crawling under his skin and how hes never doin this again hahahah he was fine though it was too funny

ha, i never have paranoid thoughts on weed like that dude, but once i laid out on my bed i just couldn't move, almost literally. strangely enough, i do remember i kicked the other three dudes' asses on the gamecube smash brothers for the half hour between the onset and before i fell asleep, though.
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