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Default Re: Why do we lose? Will this team ever be great.

At this point, the Knicks are very inconsistent.

They do not have the defensive mindset that made successful Knick teams champions and contenders. Consistent D wins games.

Their offence is very unreliable and unpredictable. And it lacks a consistent go-to player capable of frequently winning games when they are on the line.

Crawford is too streaky. Q who started as their most consistent player has not played well recently in quite a while. Marbury and Curry are still playing injured. But, neither have demonstrated the ability to carry the team to frequent victories during crunch times. Frye is not a factor when the game is on the line.

Lee is their best player off the bench; but he should start. The Knicks bench, once their strongest asset - recently has not been giving the starters a lift, with the exceptions of Lee and occasionally Balkman.

The Knicks 60-million-dollar-men have yet to prove that they are even worth pennies on the dollar: Back up center Jerome James is a $30M dud and Jarid jeffries could easily change his name to "Horrid" Jefferies to describe the way he has been playing for his $30M.

Yes the Knicks often do show heart; but unfortunately it is often after committing suicide early in the game that they make a push and are ultimately unable to rise from the dead.

Yes they are not too bad for a young, inexperienced team; but with by far they highest payroll in the NBA and highly experienced veteran players -- they are not a "young, inexperienced team! You could fund four or five expansion teams with the Knicks annual payroll.

You might as well as say they are not to bad for a heartless, overpaid bunch of losers -- but I don't know that that is a fair assessment either.

Looking at this objectively, there are good parts and improvement over last year -- especially in Curry, Marbury and Lee. There are solid players in Q, Crawford, Frye, Robbinson. And there are veteran players with more potential than they are demonstrating in Francis, Jerome James and Jarid jeffries. But there is something wrong with the recipe since it does not blend together well.

Some deft trades need to be made. But I doubt that the Knick's management have a clue.
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