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Default Re: OT- Remember My Relationship Problems From November.. Updated Status... Ohhh My Godd

1. i got sent to therapy.. because i cut myself after we broke up.. and said alot of things that i didnt mean to alot of people

2. i was just not happy with life.. and even though people will flame me alive because ' i fell for a girl'.. whatever.. i dont have parents that love me, and i am on my own...

3. i loved that girl.. and it sucked real bad.. and i had nobody to look to.. so i checked myself into therapy..

I'm sorry to hear that. I know you've heard this alot, but cutting yourself doesn't do any good. You probably did it to numb the pain of not having her and having your wrists hurt will take your mind off of her. This is not healthy man.

You're a young guy who was confused by his heart. You were vulnerable when you let this girl enter your heart because you probably never had anybody treat you this way or care for you this way.

You said you never had parents who cared for you. This girl probably cared for you. She probably gave you a feeling of completion and satisfaction that you never experienced before.

She knew all this. Girls like someone who they can change. They like personal projects. When they were younger, they were dressing up Barbies and the like; now they're trying to change guys for the better. That's why you see all these fine women date bad boys and dudes with so much going on because they want to feel a part of something.

Maybe she got bored with this certain type of project, but the important thing was that she was interested at one point.

You gotta find out what about you she was interested in the first place, and build on that to find more girls. I know you probably only want this girl, and she might come around, but when she does, you'll be a better person who is successful in life and has all the confidence in the world.

She probably thinks that you can't change or better yourself without her. You should better yourself for yourself but also use that notion as motivation as a way to better yourself. Work out more, go to school. Show people who doubted you that you're not the same person they once knew and that you know have a purpose in life.

The best revenge you can avenge on people is personal success when everybody thought that you were down and out and couldn't amount to anything. Find something you're good at. Go to college or a trade school and perfect your skills.

You're still young. You were taken down to the police station because of her. Stop now before you have a record with the police. You getting sent to the police station should've been a sign for you to stop and that you're going too far.

I know it's hard, but it's time to move on. You have so much potential. If this girl saw potential in you at one point, then build on that to find more girls. You can do it man.

Everybody's been through stuff, everybody. You're not the only one. I could tell you my stories, but I don't usually share my personal life on here.

Good luck man. I hope this helps you and remember, you are not alone.
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