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Default Re: How Good Are Isiah's Draft Picks?

Originally Posted by LouV
No I'm not Isiah Thomas. I'm a fan who was there for draft day 2002 when Stu Laden traded the #7 pick AND MARCUS CAMBY for 29 year old Antonio McDyess.

Isiah is not a great coach, for sure. He's an ok coach. A very good GM, in my opinion.

These Knicks don't play defense to the level they need to play it to become a good team. To win consistently in the NBA, you need to be able to shut down the other team for a 6 to 8 minute period in the third or fourth quarter, to take control of the game. These Knicks can't do that. They can't shut other teams down.

I agree with you there bro. This team lacks defense for a length of time. It was proven tonite when they won against the Lakers by the skin of their teeth. A Kobe-less Laker I might add. Yeah, I agree with you, no defense whatsoever. They struggled to maintain a lead as it is.

By the way, what is Nate Robinson's roll in this team? He's a midget version of Jerome James. Only he gets the ball more often so he can look like he's fulfilling his PG position. Clown. He's just a show off.
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