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Default Re: Orlando Magic, Washington Wizards Close to Trading Rashard Lewis for Gilbert Arenas

Originally Posted by DontGoogleMe
Lewis is better then arenas. Lewis is $$$ from 3


He's shooting 37% from the arc but 41% from the field. That's terrible from your power forward. That's near the bottom if not the bottom of the league in terms of shooting percentage for power forwards in the league. He doesn't rebound or defend. He's a one dimensional player.

Gilbert Arenas almost averages the same amount of rebounds as Lewis, so you're losing nothing there and probably actually gaining rebounds if you give Bass more minutes, he can set up team mates and get you steals. His percentages should go up with open looks from double teams on Dwight so I wouldn't worry about those.

I like this trade for Orlando if they trade Lewis for Arenas. Hate it if they trade Vince Carter & Marcin Gortat for Arenas.

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