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Default Re: Peyton Manning is a white supremacist

Originally Posted by CambyLandCan
He only throws it to white guys. Do any of you guys every notice how announcers always say his favorite targets are always some random white guy?

They said Brandon Stokley was his favorite target, Dallas Clark, Austin Collie, and then Blair White

But where is Marvin Harrison? Reggie Wayne? Pierre Garcon? You know athletic guys, guys that actually get him yards.

That is why he is a choker, he just throws it to white guys.

Oh wow

He passes to clark because he is one of the better Tight ends in the game. Austin collie is good young talent that runs his routes well and thats why will soar under manning's guidance. Also as others have mentioned already, peyton has thrown to harrison ALOT. The reason he doesn't throw to garcon as much is because garcon does not run his plays properly. Colts offense depends on timing and often so garcon is not where he should be or misses the catches sometimes. I think peyton and garcon have the highest percent of missed catches And lastly wayne, he always tries to go to him in the clutch but he is often doubled and is aging so its hard. But, i remember couple weeks ago when they BADLY needed a touchdown peyton consecutively only went to wayne.

And lastly...

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