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Default Re: I'm sorry, but Seth Rogen is NOT funny

ALso, people love this guy because he's the anti-pretty boy.

You'll notice how anytime someone like ashton kutcher, justin timberlake, zac efron is mentioned, all the insecure internet dweebs come in and say how talentless they are and how much they hate them and they have no business in movies,etc.

But put someone completely unfunny and talentless who is an underdog because he's not good looking (like seth rogen) on the screen and these kids eat it up.

Gone are the days where people idolized and admired the handsome "Mr. Everything" type. Nowadays people root for the underdog. "Oh, Seth Rogen is fat and ugly, so he definitely didnt get the role for his looks. So, since I have no actual taste, I'll assume people who know this stuff think he's actually funny, so I will too!"
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