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Default Re: How good will Bass numbers be now?

Originally Posted by mattevans11
what about gortat... will he start in phx?

I went ahead and speculatively added Gortat in my 10 team roto league, dropping Batum. I'm hoping for numbers similar to Tyson Chandler once he's able to establish some consistent mins, which shouldnt be hard to do since Robin Lopez managed just 4 boards in 30 mins last night. Maybe with Nash running the offense he scores a bit more.

If Gortat can get 28 mins per (which seems reasonable that Lopez gets the other 20), I think 9 pts and 9 boards is feasible with around 1.5-2 blocks per. Good fg% and horrid ft%, although he doesnt get to the line much so it hopefully wont hurt too badly. The biggest problem with that is Lopez is still there and these two will prob be in a timeshare at C, leaving mins for Frye and Warrick at PF.
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