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Default Re: OT- Remember My Relationship Problems From November.. Updated Status... Ohhh My Godd

The best advice I can give you is find a past time and remember that everything happens for a reason, only you can make a positive out of this.

Have a good night out with the boys, get your **** sucked, knowm saying?

Mack on some hot brauds. Get good grades. There's not a better feeling than getting good marks in school and still being able to get your mack game on.

Join a basketball league. Just get active.

I got dumped once too, we all have. I didn't feel the pain you're going through right now but I can't say I wasn't sad. I just got out, played some pick up bball and made some new friends from it. I also went to a few parties and had a good time. By the time you know it, I was myself again.

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