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Default Re: Wrasslin: nWo -vs- DX: Who U Got?

nWo all the way. At least until WCW flogged it past its natural shelf life. The early nWo of Hogan, Nash, Hall, Bischoff, Syxx, fake Sting, Dibiase, and Vincent was the best stable ever. Then they added clutter (Giant, Bagwell, Norton, Brian Adams, Disciple, Horace Hogan, Scott Steiner, etc.) What made the nWo cool was how dominant they were - thay had the rest of the promotion on the run, and brought the "cool heel" into vogue.

I honestly never got the appeal of DX. They reminded me of punks who hang out on street corners smoking weed and throwing bottles. At least WWE was smart enough to make them one angle amongst many successful ones, unlike WCW which had no heels worth caring about other than the nWo.

PS - the red and black Wolfpac sucked. They never did anything, never directly fueded with the black and white, didn't have any critical matches or storylines. The stable was put together to stroke Nash's ego - he wanted to be the top guy, and so did Hogan, so they each got their own nWo.

The original Wolfpac was great - Hall, Nash, Syxx, as a subgroup of the original nWo.
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