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Default Re: Pistons would like to trade Richard Hamilton

I could potentially see a 3-way type deal involving the Grizzlies and another team. The Grizzlies want to trade OJ Mayo but then they'll still need a SG. I'm sure Rip could help them out. They're probably going to trade Thabeet too. Obviously Gortat is no longer an option. Thabeet has some promise and seems like a Detroit type C. If he played hard D, blocked shots, and grabbed boards people would be happy with him. That's basically his game too. If he put up 10 points a night from put backs and easy dunks I'd be cool with that. Obviously the salaries don't match and the Pistons won't want Mayo (Gordon all over again....) so another team would have to be involved but I could see something like that potentially happening.

I could really see Detroit trying to make a move with the Clippers too. Though LAC would want Detroit to take Baron Davis in order to get Kaman they still might be able to work something out to bring Kaman back to MI.
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