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Default Re: How Good Are Isiah's Draft Picks?

Originally Posted by LouV
No I'm not Isiah Thomas. I'm a fan who was there for draft day 2002 when Stu Laden traded the #7 pick AND MARCUS CAMBY for 29 year old Antonio McDyess.

Isiah is not a great coach, for sure. He's an ok coach. A very good GM, in my opinion.

These Knicks don't play defense to the level they need to play it to become a good team. To win consistently in the NBA, you need to be able to shut down the other team for a 6 to 8 minute period in the third or fourth quarter, to take control of the game. These Knicks can't do that. They can't shut other teams down.

And who's fault is that? Gosh Isiah! Sorry the players you traded for and drafted can't guard the Washington Generals! Either way, great work GM'n! Hopefully, you stumble upon some good defensive players in your time here as GM. Maybe promote your assistant LouV to head scout or something.
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