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This "hot" rumor was on rumor sites last week and said only that Martin was on the block and among teams interested are the Knicks and Wolves. Old man Sid Hartman picks it up a week later and calls it a hot rumor. Then he adds Ricky davis to the mix because he does not understand the salary cap. The Wolves have trade exceptions totaling $5mil and don't need to add Davis to make the trade work. If the Nuggets want more than Jaric and maybe a second for a broke down player with a huge contract, then we laugh at them and move along. We wouldn't trade Davis strait up for Martin. But if they will dump Martin for Jaric and some cap space, I don't see how we could go wrong. If he is healthy. If he is willing to come off the bench or if he is willing to guard small forwards. If, If, If. Big damn word.
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