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Default Re: OT: Paris does it again....

Originally Posted by Why Am I Banned
I'm sure some of you have seen this, but for those that haven't...Paris blatantly drops the N-bomb with the hard emphasis on the -ER grade school style. Plus she goes on top ridicule the city of Compton and public education. Peep it out at the 2:48 mark if you don't want to watch the whole thing....

...and whites wonder why blacks walk around this country with their head on a swivel looking behind their backs. Sh*t is disgusting.

And it's even more disgraceful because a large segment of the white population think we (blacks) morph ourselves in an exclusive sub-culture headed by hip-hop, but these racists f*ckers do sh*t like this all the time while speaking that "We Are The World" crap to our face. Now who's being real, and who's not? Safe to say this video gets a , and two more for the cameraman not moving a flinch when she said.
Judging the white community by the words of a dim-wit like Hilton is as inexcusable as her racist statement. Hilton is an idiot... we all know this. She does not represent the white community. She represents the WASP community. There is a huge difference.
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