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Default Re: OT: Paris does it again....

Originally Posted by Why Am I Banned
Still doesn't take away the significance of her comments. Obviuosly she felt comfortable making that comment without any worry of recourse. So what does that say about the group she surrounds herself with? I guess they're all WASP's as well, huh?
Definitely.... you think Hilton hangs out with John Smith the mechanic? Hell no.... she has a group of WASP friends that were all born with platinum spoons in their mouths and they have absolutely no clue what the real world is like.

I remember a video surfacing of one of Paris' friends (while with Hilton) making fun of Lindsay Lohan because she was only worth a few million dollars. That is the kind of crowd Hilton surrounds herself with out with.

She just happens to be dumber than most elitist WASPs.
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