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Default Re: OT- Remember My Relationship Problems From November.. Updated Status... Ohhh My Godd

thank you very much for your advice.. hangin out with good friends, and listening to music really relives of me of pain..

i guess a rumor started in this thread that i am still in high school.. naw.. i go to a technical college about 45 minutes away from where my ex lives.. yet i still live in the town where she goes to high school.. i pretty much am the most known kid in town, and everybody knows me.. so i can try to avoid seeing her.. definitly avoid talking to her.. just thought that she was different, i guess.

shes goin after a buncha morons the town south of me, anyway.. that have done work for me, as far as weed and alchohol.. they are little freshman kids.. she is running out there trying to find a new boyfriend, and it makes me sick to my stomach.. cuz nobody treated her the way i did, and she knows it..

oh well

thanks for the advice

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