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Default Re: Ric Bucher: "Derrick Rose is my MVP candidate"

Originally Posted by hkfosho
Sorry miss, didn't mean to hurt your feelings. You've stated earlier that the Bulls will be "lucky" to get 50 wins which implies that it has an effect on Rose's MVP candidacy, yet you brought up Durant's 2nd place in the MVP voting last year while being 8th in the West. Good logic there dumbass . Only reason why Rose takes more shots than needed is because the Bulls offence is limited. Use your brain

Uh..Are you really trying to compare Rose to the numbers Durant put up last season?

He averaged 30 and 8 on less FGA than it's taking Rose to average 24 ppg

They won 50 games last season after winning 23 the previous season you clown and Durant flat out destroyed the league averaging 32 ppg from mid December->April
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