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Default Re: Ric Bucher: "Derrick Rose is my MVP candidate"

Originally Posted by Roundball_Rock
Is Durant even the MVP on his own team?

Durant: 28/7/3 46%
Westbrook: 23/5/8 44%

Durant grabs only 1 1/2 more rebounds than his PG.

Keep in mind Rose has his team third in his conference despite missing Boozer for weeks. Imagine OKC without Westbrook...

Offense: Pts per 100 Poss.
Defense: Pts per 100 Poss.
Net Points per 100 Possessions

Thunder are statistically better when Westbrook is not on the court and the offense is run entirely through Durant with Maynor at the point.

Seriously you Bulls fans are so out of touch with reality. What have you done for me lately? Durant has flat out destroyed the league and will win WC Player of the month. Rose on the other hand has declined this month.
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