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Post Is nick young better 3pt shooter then kobe?

"A three-point field goal is distinguished from a "three-point play", which occurs when a shooter successfully scores a two-point basket while being fouled, and then makes the ensuing free throw. If such a foul occurs on a successful three-point shot, the resulting free throw gives the player a chance to earn a four-point play."

it is no surprise to compare nick young to kobe no player in the nba has been compared to kobe as much as nick young and the are both great 3pt% shoters so let see who is a better 3pt shooter...

nick young
0.400 3pt

0.341 3pt

0.406 3pt

0.388 3pt

0.382 3pt%

Kobe bryant















.340 3pt%

nick young is a better 3pt% shoter by 40%, wow, a suprise number but nick young is amazing 3pt shooter i think nick young can be as good as kobe and maybe even better because nick young is even a better 3pt shoter and people think nick young cant be SUPERSTAR??? ISNT KOBE SUPERSTAR???? well then kobe is overrated nick young underrated.
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