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Default Re: Heat - Lakers Draws best ratings Since 2004

Originally Posted by Knoe Itawl
Did I lie? Did he not wilt under the pressure on Christmas? Did he not go out like a sucker (his team got blown out for the second time in a row at home and he played less than stellar). I never said he sucks, or the Lakers suck or any of that. But in this game, he went out like a sucker. Period.

Sometimes you just have to take a loss and move on. Getting defensive about it just makes you look sensitive.

Its true he played a bad game, I mean, im not even trying to deny that. I dont think it was because of the pressure though, but more of because Miami and Spoelstra knew exactly what to do to stop him.

But anyway, if thats the only conclussion you can take out of a 48 minutes game...well, its up to you.
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