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Default Re: Ric Bucher: "Derrick Rose is my MVP candidate"

Originally Posted by 97 bulls
So the other guys don't have good players around them? Wow the hate for the bulls in this forum is just phenomenal. But then I bet if a thread was made asking who the best team in the league was, you and bullss like you, would be knocking those very same players on the bulls. Deng, would be too inconsistant, boozer doesn't play any defense, noah offense is terrible etc. Wow the double standard is just maddening.
I like Bulls, and the argument that Rose don't play alone is to counter those who argument that he should be MVP because he plays alone, I don't agree with it and I think MVP has not only to carry the burden but get his teammates involved. Playing alone raise stats but not (necessairily) grades.

And I think Deng and Noah are underrated.
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