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Default Re: Joe Rogan is about to go live

someone left me a rep comment but no name to address them.. so if you're listening out there, here is my repsonse.

Why are all of your posts from the Rogan Board

A. I find interesting stories over there and check out ISH to see if they have been posted. If they haven't then why not post them here? I like to spread the info around, and I like the cast and crew of ISH better. I like the freedom that the Rogan Board has though. I try and mention that I got the stories from the RB and I really try to read the comments before I post here so I don't put anything down here that someone else said. I'm not Gundress

Also not all of them are from the RB (but usually if I post it here, it'll end up posted on the RB anyway) I search the web all day for interesting shit to read or post. I just go to school on the gi bill and I'm still looking for a job. So I have lots of time to do shit in the mean time, which is sharing the love and information you all.
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