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Default Re: Corbin was a candidate for Charlotte head coaching job?

Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
Phil is older than Jerry so he's a longshot. Hopefully Stockton will be ready for the job or I'd go for Horny. Natt should be a candidate to. He's been a top assistant and a head coach unlike Corbin who took his vacated job on the Jazz.
Stockton doesn't seem to be the type who's interested in being involved in basketball at all anymore. Natt could be another to look at though. He was only a interim head coach for what, 60 something games? Kings lost most of 'em too, doubt that'd put him head and shoulders above Corbin.

Has Hornacek had any coaching experience other then being the shooting coach for AK? I know he was interviewed for the Bulls job back when they hired Del Negro.
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