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Default Top 3 teams in the west- Lakers, Spurs, Mavs

Here is why my lakers still stand a good chance and how we may possible lose. (btw dont take my opinion seriously. im just a lakers fan 1st, player fan 2nd. who thinks that magic johnson was the greatest laker- not kobe

Win- A healthy Bynum is very difficult to contend with. Obviously with him as our starting center we are a much better defensive team. The long arms of Gasol and Bynum go a long way on defense. We have a much better bench this time around and now with Odom back on the bench it is even more improved. Possibly the deepest bench in the nba. And of course, I despise Kobe's shot selection at times and Gasol being soft from time to time, but in the biggest games in the playoffs they managed to get their act together and find a way to put us over the top. Oh yeah, Artest had epic playoff performances last year I dont see why he wouldnt give an encore to that this year. And of course a guy like Phil jackson on the bench w/ his 11 championships as a coach will never hurt us.

Lose- Hopefully that beginning of the season layoff is enough to cut down on the risk of Bynum going down again. At times our focus is nonexistant- which of course encourages Kobe to jack up shots when he doesnt have it going. It takes roughly a year or 2 to adjust to the triangle offense- w/ a new bench dont be surprised to see them struggle at times. Sometimes they have it down pat, but then there are times where they look completely lost. If we dont play on the same page, no way will we beat either of the good texas teams.

Win- They do have a very deep team. Jason Kidd is basically right at the end of his career and I doubt he is going to just passively allow this opportunity to slip by. The Tyson Chandler contribution to the team is indespinsable. He brings what KG did to the celtics to this team- a defensive anchor. Also there is this guy named Dirk who is 7 feet tall and causes many matchup problems. So far this year he is focused like he was the year they went to the finals. Defense wins championships, they have shown so far that they hang their hat on just that. They were playoff choke artists, but they never had a voice on the team like Chandler before.
Lose- If they lose Chandler, their goes their anchor. They have good players, but the problem is they are past their primes. If they had the Jason kidd that took the nets to the finals, there wouldnt be an issue at all. But the problem is, Jason Kidd gets burned by opposing PGs- they just take him out of his game now. If they had prime shawn marion, they would have their lockdown perimeter defender. And of course, take into account their playoff history- dont ever bet your money on them.

Win- best record in the league this early speaks volumes about them. Duncan isnt playing like the one we are used to seeing, but they have great complimentary players on the roster. Ginobilli and parker are rested and playing out of their minds this year. Jefferson has the potential to be another 20 pt scorer and if a team has 3 potential 20 ppg scorers on the roster, they are hard to defend. Gregg popovich= enough said.
Lose- defense wins championships The spurs are not the same defensive team they used to be, they are winning based on offense. They seem to live on the 3. And I cant think of a team that relies on the 3 so much that wins a championship come June. And last but certainly not least, the health of the big 3. Call me an idiot, but Im not sure they are going to stay healthy by the end. Im not wishing an injury on anyone, but when it comes to a certain age and you have been playing ball this long your body just cant take it.

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