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Default Re: OT: 50 Cent Calling Styles P and Cam'ron on Hot 97

Originally Posted by geeWiz15
Camrons flow isn't good? what am I missing?

what isn't good is his complete lack of substance... but his flow?

edit: wow that eek face just doesn't work...

yeah.. i totally forgot to edit.. cams flow is one of the most creative and innovative in the rap game.. you and i have gotten into battles over cams lyrical content before, but i clearly messed that post up.. cams flow is insane.. he makes the rooty tooty lyrics sound damn good, and if 50 and cam or dipset and gunit go at it.. its gonna be brutal... cams songs sometimes sound the same.. ive been listening to cam since 95 with children of the corn.. and the sde album was great.. come home with me was platinum.. purple haze was his best album as far as content.. and killa season is the beginning of the lack of substance cam that has appeared.. but as far as his image and swagger, along with flow.. cam is the rapper that can hang with 50.. without a doubt.. and with dipset.. its pick your poison.. jr writer just released a diss track flaming tru lyfe apart on rocafella records, along with killin memphis bleek as well.. and hell rell is insane with the flow as well.. 40 cal.. cam.. jim jones is doin his own thing, with the bydgang.. and has alott of diss records out there bashin jay-z.. i have all the dipset mixtapes that i could get my hands on, and diplomatic immunity 1 is one of my favorite group releases of my life, as far as the diplomats

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