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Default Re: Don't count Brandon Roy out yet: Looking into meniscus transplant

Originally Posted by thejumpa
Good point I forgot about CP3 being bone on bone in only 1 knee.

If this is the only option, which it's looking like, you do it. What do you have to lose? Have the surgery, sit out a year resting and strengthening your knees. Come back and see what happens. Like the article said, it's not just about basketball. He's going to have to live his life on those knees. My stepfather is bone on bone in both knees and he hates it. Of course it's not that big of a deal seeing as he's used to the pain, but still. He can't walk long distances, jump, run, nothing. It completely sucked his athleticism away.
He just needs to take some time off, get a good brace built for basketball. Strengthen all the other knee muscles and do some therapy.

I mean he could do it and be happy, but I think he should take some time off regardless of the surgery just to adjust to being bone on bone in both knees.If he has the surgery no one knows what could happen. He could essentially be the Tommy John of basketball.
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