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Default Re: Don't count Brandon Roy out yet: Looking into meniscus transplant

Originally Posted by Rose
Well Roy's being stupid. I tore my meniscus in high school, and regretted coming back too soon. Which he obviously did last year. And this year.

They tell you "take lots of rest, and train up your muscles to carry on the extra stress" He has the Eric Snow syndrome too of both knees being gone which means he needs to slow things down and reinvent himself which I've said all along. IF I were Roy, I wouldn't let my pride get me, and I'd play less minutes especially considering they have: Wesley Matthews, and Rudy Fernandez to back him up. No way in hell i'd be shortening my career by playing 35 minutes a night. I'd play 25 a night and that would be that.

And yeah. If he comes back that could COMPLETELY change some guys' career. Paul for example as we've both said. and I'm sure there's a host of other guys with no meniscus we're not thinking of.


I tried defending him coming back so soon forever, but I just can't anymore. If your knees are that bad, sit it out for a while. You have said yourself that you aren't the same player anymore so why risk anything? To be fair, when you are young, you feel like you can play through anything. I've played with all kinds of injuries simply because I could. The reality is, that's incredible stupid and will come back to haunt you as you start getting older.

Looking back on it, he was probably like "Hey, I'm the #1 option, I just signed a huge contract, and the team already has had bad luck in terms of injuries. I'm just gonna play until things get really bad" The problem is he didn't realize that things would get this bad so fast. It's ****ed up because Allen has done a good job IMO building that organization up. Things like this can completely ruin a franchise.
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