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Default 2 Men Sexually Assault Women With A Live Snake


EAU CLAIRE - Two northwestern Wisconsin men are accused of sexually assaulting a woman with a live snake.

The graphic and disturbing complaint charges John Bullock, 24, and Damonta Jones, 25, with assaulting the victim during a November encounter at Jones’s Eau Claire home. Bullock (left) and Jones are pictured in the mug shots at right.

Bullock of Altoona and Jones of Eau Claire pleaded not guilty to the assault Monday in Eau Claire County Circuit Court.

Each man is charged with first-degree sexual assault.

A criminal complaint says the woman told police she was knocked out in the bedroom of Jones' home on Nov. 11.

And, when she regained consciousness, Jones was holding her while Bullock assaulted her.

She says Jones then got his snake and used it to assault her.

Details of the incident emerged yesterday when the pair--both of whom have lengthy rap sheets--pleaded not guilty to the felony count during a Circuit Court appearance.

The alleged victim, 32, told cops that she had gone with a friend to Jones’s home, where she danced and consumed “intoxicants” with a small group. At one point, she said, Jones “invited her into the back bedroom to see his children’s pictures.” The woman, identified in the complaint by her initials, recalled then being “struck in the head,” and possibly passing out.

The next thing she remembered, the woman told a detective, was “Bullock…behind her sexually assaulting her” while Jones held her. Jones, she recalled, then said, “I’m going to get the snake.” Shortly afterwards, according to the complaint, the woman “felt something inside of her. She believed the snake may have bitten her because she felt a very sharp pain and then they said, ‘Pull it out.’”

In a police interview, Bullock admitted having “sexual contact” with the victim, but claimed it was consensual. Jones--who has prior sexual assault convictions and is being monitored by a GPS tracker--initially denied hosting the November party at his home. Jones, a registered sex offender, later admitted that the victim, a female friend, and another individual were at his residence, but that “there were no other black males that he knows of that had come to the apartment.”

The alleged victim told investigators that after the assault she confronted Jones and asked who the other man was. He replied, “Benjamin Franklin,” according to the complaint. The woman added that she believed that Jones had videotaped her as she danced, but that he denied doing that when she questioned him.

Bullock says the sexual contact was consensual.

The Eau Claire Leader-Telegram says the men are jailed on $30,000 cash


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