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Default A thought on the Top 25:

This is not a new idea, but I was just thinking about how subjective the top 25 ratings are.

Think of it this way. The first rankings come out and everything is based on that. Say, a team comes in at number 5 and they lose to an unranked team. Well, they will fall in the ranking, but the team that beat them will have beaten the number 5 team, even though they probably weren't. Sure, if you keep losing then you will fall out and if you keep winning, you will climb, but team's rarely schedule in a way that will allow them to keep losing, except when they get in conference, and when you are in a power conference, the losses do more to change team's ratings inside of the top 25 than to actually drop them out.

Look at the big east, for instance, and all of the top teams they have. Now that they made it to the conference schedule, all of their rankings are pretty much set. Even if one of the top team takes some losses, it'll just make the other teams that beat them get ranked more highly.

But all of that was based on some subjective ranking and a cupcake non conference schedule (which had maybe 1 or 2 tough games which could pretty easily be won or lost by luck.)

If you don't believe me, look at St. Johns. They are going to be top 25 if they keep getting Ws in the Big East but they were supposed to be a bottom feeder and they have some bad losses. But just because they are getting Ws in a power conference that has a lot of top ranked teams, they will probably get an NCAA bid.

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