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Default Re: The process of becoming a legal immigrant is difficult

Originally Posted by LilBTheBasedGod
I met this Haitian immigrant at my church tonight and he is trying to become a legal citizen here, but he is having difficulty staying here because he has to present certain documents that he currently doesn't have possession of and other stuff that I can't remember, it was all very complicated.

If he doesn't complete the procedure correctly though, he may have to go back to Haiti, and if you have ever been there (I have) its a total shithole. There are several people who are quite intelligent (at least among the Haitian people) and if they were able to get a solid education here they could go back and help their people, but the immigration process is so complex that it is incredibly difficult and hard to suffice the money to go.

It seems that if they had a less complex immigration process it would help a lot of other countries out. Yea I know there are negatives to doing that, but it makes America look really pretentious.

Ummmmmm... Not trying to be mean but the USA wants the best from other countries. They don't want their poor and hungry. Why do you think people hate illegal immigrants?
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